The Greenville story of: Toni Clark

A founder, an organizer, a defender

By: Eric Swofford

What would you say is the most interesting fact about yourself? 

I married my high school sweetheart, Ken.

How long have you been in the Greenville area? 

Since 2000

What is your story? What people should know if you wrote an autobiography? 

My husband, Ken, and I are from Florida, where we met in high school. Once we married, his career took us to Orlando, Houston, and then to Greenville. Once we landed in Greenville with Thermal Resource Sales, Inc., we immediately felt at home. 

When our son Kyle was born, I focused on creating a home for our growing family and Ken continued to advance in his career. Our daughter Anna joined us from Russia when she was five years old. Ken and I always wanted a biological child and an adopted child. God had a plan for all of us that He unfolded in His time. Both of our children were a huge blessing. 

Disturbed by the prevalence of child abuse in our community, I founded Defenders for Children in 2010, an organization that aims to prevent child abuse by raising community awareness and educating the public.

What are your hobby(s)? 

I work out at the health club where I enjoy BodyCombat. Riding bikes along our trails is fun, too.

What is the phrase that you live by? 

Don’t tell me I can’t or it’s impossible.

If you work, who do you work for? 

Defenders For Children

What is your day-to-day at work? If unemployed or retired, what is your day-to-day throughout Greenville? 

As Founder and CEO, I advocate for Operation “180 Turn Around,” our initiative to make a direct impact against children’s crime. We are raising funds to deploy a team of Electronic Detection K9’s across South Carolina to help find hidden evidence vital to criminal prosecutions, rescuing children and creating a safer community. 

We provided funds for Queue, an Electronic Detection K9 who serves with the Greenville County Sheriff’s Department and the South Carolina Internet Crimes Against Children Taskforce. His job is to find electronic evidence containing images and videos that will help identify and rescue children and adults who are being victimized.

How would you describe Greenville? 


How would Greenville describe Toni Clark?

Passionate. My family would all agree that I have a heart for people. 

Besides your residence or place of work, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout? 

I enjoy taking my dog downtown.

How about your evening hangout? 

We love to sit on the patio at Roost next to the downtown Hyatt and listen to live music.

What about Greenville makes you proud, likely the reasons you are still here? 

This is a beautiful, fast growing community. A lot of people who care about our community are stepping up.

What is your happiest Greenville moment?

Our family felt complete when Kyle and Anna joined our family. That was a happy point to reach together.

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