The Greenville story of: Molly Cash

Serving the community she loves and looks up to

By: Eric Swofford

How long have you been in the Greenville area?

I was born in Greenville, grew up in Seneca, and have lived in Greenville for two years.

What is your background?:

As a kid, I hoped I would end up in Greenville. I knew there were good opportunities in Greenville and I love that Greenville is close to the mountains and the lake and it’s really not too far to drive to the beach. 

I remember Academy Street because it was so busy and so wide and very overwhelming as a kid coming from the country. I also remember visiting the Greenville Library. Everyone was very friendly and it was an exciting place to be. It was big. They had sessions when the librarians would sit down and read to us and that was just a really fun experience for me. 

I was an Agricultural Business major at Clemson after attending the South Carolina Commissioner’s School for Agriculture in high school, which helped me realize that there are a number of great careers within the field of agriculture. Within the College of Agriculture at Clemson there is a lot of collegiality and there’s a lot of loyalty. I found it to be a very fulfilling place to be. 

I was able to intern with Dow AgroSciences, which allowed me to gain valuable professional experiences, which then led to a second internship with Dow AgroSciences in Australia and that was a life changing event. It made me appreciate Greenville more. 

I was looking for a challenge, so I went to law school at the University of Georgia. My legal training helps me step into a number of different types of organizations and add a unique value. For example, now I work for a law firm but I also have the opportunity to do some pro bono work on the side for low income citizens and I’ve had the opportunity to serve nonprofits.

What is the most interesting fact about you?:

I am one of eight kids and my husband is one of eight kids, but not the same eight kids.

What are you currently reading and/or watching?:

The Men Who Built America, a documentary about some of our titans like John D. Rockefeller and J.P. Morgan. It’s very interesting. Their business tactics ultimately led to a number of laws that we have today.

What is your hobby(s)?:

We have a vizsla, which is a very high energy dog. Our hobby is trying to keep him exercised in the form of mountain biking, trail running, backpacking, and camping.

What phrase do you live by?:

‘Seek first the kingdom of God’

If you work, who do you work for?:

Fox Rothschild LLP

What is your day-to-day at work? Day-to-day if unemployed/retired?:

Today, I’m preparing disclosure schedules in preparation for the sale of a company. We’re representing the seller, a Greenville business. I enjoy working with Greenville businesses in particular. 

Every day varies. I do some litigation work. Our clients have needs from incorporation to resolving legal disputes. I am more than happy to step in and help them figure out a way to solve a problem.

How would you describe Greenville?:

Dynamic. I grew up coming here as a kid. As long as I’ve been coming here, it has always been changing. I heard recently that the new County Square project is going forward. That’s going to be another big change on the horizon. Every time I drive into Greenville, down Augusta Road, I see something new. That is what gives Greenville an edge over other cities Greenville has been very intentional about moving in the right direction.

I heard Knox White talk not too long ago about some of the low income housing that the City of Greenville might be investing in over in the West End. That was really exciting to hear that our city leaders are being intentional about making room for everybody in the city of Greenville.

How would Greenville describe Molly Cash?:

‘One of us.’ I think I blend in to Greenville because I love it here, enjoy the amenities, work here with Greenville businesses. It’s just the regular old people like me, I think, that make Greenville Greenville. People are genuinely happy to be here.

What is your happiest Greenville moment?:

A really happy moment was when we joined our church, Downtown Presbyterian. We had been going there for ten months and it felt really good to make it official - to join the family. 

I’m so proud of Greenville, but Greenville is not my eternal home. My pastor once mentioned our local hashtag #yeahthatgreenville and he reminded us to be careful about not creating our kingdom here and understanding where our eternal home is. 

One of the verses that I try to keep in the back of my head is Matthew 6:33 which is “seek first the kingdom of God.” 

And then I enjoy Greenville.

What about Greenville makes you proud, likely the reasons you are still here.:

I’m really proud for our leadership. I think we have really good leadership - people like Knox White. George Campbell, who is a lawyer here in Greenville, has played a role in working toward improving our infrastructure. 

Diana Orders, at First Presbyterian Church, started a Bible study called Radiance, which has impacted hundreds if not thousands of lives. That’s what makes me proud, some of our outstanding leaders, people who are making a difference. 

Our judges are really good as well. I served as a law clerk for Judge Letitia Verdin and then Judge Marvin Quattlebaum. Justice is so important in any city. A good judicial system is an important foundation.

Besides your residence or place of work, where is your favorite Greenville morning hangout?

Spill the Beans.

Besides your residence or place of work, where is your favorite Greenville evening hangout?:

The Peace Center and Genevieve’s.

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